We live in sunny Southern Oklahoma on a small acerage where our Dachshunds have a nice fenced yard to play in when the weather permits. Our Doxies live in our home where they are loved, socialized, and cared for. We only have as many as we can take care of comfortably. Needless to say, they are a little spoiled.

Our Dachshunds are all Piebalds that are mostly white with just a few colored spots on them, and hardly any ticking. Actually, most of them are extreme Piebalds. They are all beautiful AKC Registered dogs.


Dachshunds are a major portion of our lives; and we treat them like family because they are. Moving here in 2014, G & D's NovaDoxies is not your typical small dog facility. We have taken a lot of time in creating a comfortable environment that is not just secure for our Dachshunds but is also welcoming to you.

We measure our success by the happiness of our Doxies, and the owners that come through our door. For us, it is all about being attentive and responsive to the needs of our dogs and the wishes of their owners. If there is a smile on a face and a wagging tail, we know that we've done a good job.